Detroit's Music...Jazz

Detroit’s Music…Jazz! is a “series of hybridized elements blurring the boundaries between architecture, art and performance” said Oliver Ragsdale Jr. President & CEO, The Carr Center. The Installation composed of 35 Metalagram® - metal art and digital/photography fusion – works is created and designed by Linda Shinkle Rodney and Theodore M. Shinkle of Shinkle Fine Art LLC. This artwork is inspired by, and uniquely incorporates, the mosaic centerpiece located in the Lear Lobby of The Carr Center, entitled “Detroit’s Music”. The Installation is a collaborative effort between ten visual artists, who created the original mosaic, and six photographers, including Karen Fox, John Olser, Nina Bentley, Jimho, Hugh Grannum and Clyde Springer.  The Shinkle’s artwork incorporates and blends over 90 photographic images of jazz musicians, recognizing those individuals who have contributed to Detroit’s musical heritage. Detroit’s Music…Jazz! Is sponsored by the Kresge Foundation, Erb Family Foundation and Shinkle Fine Art, LLC.

See for more of the Shinkle’s original Metalagram® artwork. Contact Linda at for interest in prints, replicas and original work.